Sunday, May 10, 2009

Overcoming Negativity

This an interesting topic on a message board I'm a member of. It's asking members for the ways that they(we) handle negative thinking.

This is one of my most serious issues. I really do know how to wallow in negative thinking. And of course I know better...

Anyway, one of the replies really intrigues me. The poster said that the negative emotions hold a purpose. They serve as an impetus to examine what is going on in her life more closely as there is something going on that creates these emotions. Her goal in life is to be a happy person for the most part, and when she's not, she asks herself why.

"Why do I want to feel negative. Why do I want to feel pissed. Why do I want to feel depressed. When I take ownership for my emotions...reminding myself I feel the way I do because it is my CHOICE to feel that way, it spins the perspective a bit. I examine why I feel the way I do and it forces me to be much more honest with myself."

I'll be looking at my emotions more closely and from a whole different angle from now on. The trick is to "do" something with/about those emotions.

My lesson for the day-well, one of them anyway...


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